Saturday, May 12, 2018

Austria: 16-year-old boy kicks sexual abusing Afghan and prevents rape

The courageous intervention of a 16-year-old boy prevented rape in the city of Linz. Now the police are looking for witnesses to find the foreign sex offender. During the night from Wednesday to Thursday a 36-year-old woman was attacked by a sex offender in Linz. The planned rape could only be prevented because a 16-year-old boy rushed to help. The woman was followed by a man at the Lederer lane - Pruner street crossroads. At the end of the park, directly in front of the Linz Higher Regional Court, the pursuer attacked the woman from behind and pulled her into the adjacent bushes. The woman cried out desperately for help and fiercely resisted. A passing boy rushed over and gave the perpetrator a violent knee blow. Through the kick the attacker was thrown into the bushes and ran away in surprise. Now the police are hunting down the perpetrator and have been looking for the "foreign type" for days, possibly an Afghan or a Syrian. The man is described as about 25 years old and 170 cm tall. Strong figure, dark eyes and dark 3-day beard: "His clothes were also darker and he showed no other abnormalities. Since the victim had also struck the perpetrator in the face with a violent blow, it could well be that the perpetrator has an injury on his face. The investigation was taken over by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Linz City Police Command." For information on the perpetrator, please call the permanent service of the criminal division of the SPK Linz on 059133 45 3333.

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