Friday, May 04, 2018

Austria: African refugee attacks children with stone chisel

Shock moment in the Lower Austrian community of Maria Enzersdorf: As learned, there was an incident with an asylum seeker in the village south of Vienna on Thursday. The man threatened several children on a playground and attacked them with a stone chisel. He was temporarily arrested by the alarmed officers. The 25-year-old from Nigeria was sitting on a park bench in the immediate vicinity of a playground on Thursday. Suddenly he first threatened the playing children verbally and finally threw a stone chisel, which the young man may have already had with him, in the direction of several children, as police spokesman Raimund Schwaigerlehner confirmed to Witnesses to the incident immediately alerted the police, who temporarily arrested the asylum seeker. The murder weapon was recovered from the 25-year-old. The police could not yet give any information on the young man's motive, the surveys are still in progress, it was said on Friday morning by the Provincial Police Headquarters of Lower Austria. The prosecutor will then decide whether the young Nigerian will be remanded in custody. Even if the children got away with the horror - the attack in Maria Enzersdorf is the youngest in a series of incidents with asylum seekers. The knife attack in Vienna-Leopoldstadt, for example, is particularly memorable: a 23-year-old Afghan stabbed and seriously injured four people there in March. The Afghan had come to Austria in 2015 as part of the great refugee movement. As the reason for his attack the young man then stated in the interrogation: bad, aggressive mood and rage on his entire life situation. Unfortunately not an isolated case, as attacks, preferably with knives, are on the rise in public space. As reported, the number of cases has not only increased sharply in Austria in recent years.

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