Saturday, May 05, 2018

Austria: Asylum seeker blackmailed underage schoolgirls in their classroom

According to police reports, the incident already happened on April 12 in the town of Hörbranz in the Bregenz district. An 18-year-old asylum seeker approached four schoolgirls in front of a grocery store around 7.30 a.m.. The Afghan tried to pull one of the girls on his wrist away from the others. The girlfriends, aged between ten and 14 years, however, reacted in a flash and were able to prevent this. The girls left the young man and went to school, but the asylum seeker reappeared. He had followed the children and adapted them in the classroom before classes began. The 18-year-old turned to the girls and said according to the police: "All tomorrow bring 2.50 euros - otherwise slap,slap" He left school after that. Since the incident, police have been searching meticulously for the alleged perpetrator and have now been able to locate him. The Afghan was arrested on May 3 at an asylum shelter in the town of Hohenweiler. He tried to get into it even though he was banned. The accused was taken to Feldkirch prison by order of the public prosecutor's office.

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