Thursday, May 10, 2018

Austria: "More violence in hospitals" since the wave of refugees

"Nobody dared to say," explains Heinrich Schneider and speaks plainly: "The violence in Vienna's hospitals has increased since the migration movement in 2015! Heinrich Schneider is a staff representative in the Wilhelminen hospital and is fed up with the increasing brutality in the clinics. He's calling now: Each patient should only be allowed one accompanying person, and there are always such conflicts," explains Schneider. Especially when different nationalities come together. Every patient comes with a larger group of relatives and the ambulance can become a danger zone. "A situation can escalate completely," the staff representative knows. "There are also tumults when patients are preferred." Especially when Austrian people are treated earlier - for purely medical reasons. Drawn knives, threats, abuse, brawls - the situation in Vienna's hospitals is getting worse and worse. "But violence must not be an occupational risk," explains Schneider, who also has clear demands:

Fewer companions. "We need signs in German, English and Arabic that only one additional person is allowed per patient," says the works council. The situation can then escalate less quickly. And: "A hospital admission point has only a limited space."

More guards. Schneider would like a third security employee at Wilhelminen hospital. So far there are just two - that is too little!

Studies and surveys. There are no clear figures on the part of the association of hospitals regarding attacks in the Viennese clinics. A system is being worked on, it is said. Until then, the problem cannot be measured.

The staff representative also wants refugees to be informed about how the domestic health system works. "I don't want to be treated by a woman," is a sentence that is said regularly in hospital. Schneider: "Female doctors are not accepted, orders are questioned or not followed."

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