Thursday, May 31, 2018

Farage on current state of law in the UK and Soros’ role in the degradation of the West

(What I find interesting about Soros is the constant stream of evidence of total sociopathy of the man. For example, in any question he is asked about the horrors he has committed, he gives the sociopath’s answer. “If I had not done it someone else would have”, or, as he said on 60 Minutes, I cannot think about the moral consequences of my actions”. Paraphrasing on both quotes from memory, but I am confident I have the correct sentiment. So we have a man who was in fact a Nazi, and claimed it was the best time of his life, and has literally zero remorse for his actions as a Nazi in Hungary, but is in an extremely calculated fashion, capitalizing on the guilt felt by those who do in fact have a working conscience of the horrors of the Holocaust to destroy Europe. He has, Mr. Soros did, managed to weaponize the more noble human reactions to actions George Soros himself was a gleeful part of, as a tool against the Western world as a whole. A true super villain. A man who’s thought process is so monstrous that trying to understand it for a few minutes makes one need a shower.)

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