Thursday, May 10, 2018

Frankfurt / Germany: Suspicion of sexual harassment of a minor girl by a Muslim, but "blame the Jews".

The accusation against which Mustafa M. defended himself before the Frankfurt local court  is unappetizing, but not extraordinary. The way he defends himself is extraordinary. It's more like an attack. An attack on the eternal enemy. The 53-year-old physiotherapist is accused of sexual abuse of a minor by taking advantage of a treatment relationship. In February 2017, he is said to have severely harassed a 15-year-old patient who had come to lymphatic drainage because of a foot injury. According to the prosecution, he mainly massaged areas that M. himself called "bikini zones" in court, in this case the lower one. When the judge asks him why he thinks the girl has reported him, M.  starts with accusations. "I am a Palestinian, that is, an Israeli citizen of the Muslim faith, and thus per se a victim of a world conspiracy, the string-puller of which one need not call - which he does not either. Only this much: A few years ago the house in which he has his practice was sold. "The new owners are Jews." He did not want to accuse anyone, but since the Jews owned the house, his practice was flooded by Russian patients who tried to incite him into lawlessness, which he always rejects. The girl also came from Russia. Maybe it was the same people behind the prosecution who allegedly smeared "fucking Muslims" on his house wall every night.

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