Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Germany: Search for an Arab-looking man for sexual assault on women in several cases in the city of Freiburg

This Wednesday morning,30 of May 2018 , all available strips in the city of Freiburg were used to intensively search for a previously unknown perpetrator. So far, the manhunt has been fruitless. Around 06:15 a.m. the first attack occurred in the area of the tower in the Freiburg Sea Park. A 46-year-old woman was suddenly brought down by a man and approached with sexual intent. The woman fought back massively, after which the perpetrator fled in the direction of Ensisheimer street. Around 7:00 a.m. another attack occurred on the way to the "Moosgrund" stop. The perpetrator attacked a 22-year-old girl from behind and touched her in the genital area. The woman also defended himself, so that he left her and fled. A short time later, around 7:40 a.m., a third crime was reported. A young woman met a man at the Lehener Hill /Humberg way, who then followed her. Suddenly he pulled her into the bushes and attacked her massively with sexual intent, whereupon she resisted intensively. The offender then let go of the 21-year-old and fled. The description of the man differs in details, but in all three cases he was described as tall (about 1.80 metres), looking Arabic with short black or grey-mottled hair. The man wore dark outerwear and dark jogging pants. A white application on the side of the right lower leg is conspicuous. Who saw the suspect there during that period? Possible escape directions of the perpetrator after the crime can also be relevant. The Criminal Investigation Department has started the investigation and asks witnesses who can provide relevant information to call 0761-8825777.

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