Saturday, May 12, 2018

Germany: "That's enough": Doctor no longer wants to treat asylum seekers

A doctor from the town of Deggendorf in Bavaria has finally had it after three years in an accommodation for asylum seekers. According to a report in the weekly newspaper Zeit, the Bavarian physician, who wants to remain anonymous, has now broken his silence and told how his work with migrants actually works. At least half of the patients who come to him are "medical tourists". "The people were "cheeky and demanding", few would say "thank you" and more and more asylum seekers, especially from Sierra Leone and Azerbaijan, would deliberately come to Germany to be treated free of charge. "People are coming now who want Viagra," the doctor tells the reporter of the time. "People know how sluggish the proceedings are here. And they believe that in the meantime they can be treated by German specialists," the physician further reveals to the newspaper. At least one third of his patients treated at the asylum centre would have had an "invalid" stamp in their papers. The doctor has therefore surrendered to the circumstances and now wants to throw in the towel. It must be even tougher and faster, he believes. This is the only way to have enough time for the really needy. District Administrator Christian Bernreiter of the CSU party was questioned by the tabloid Bild-Zeitung and said: "Of course I heard about the incidents. And if that is true, which I cannot check on a case-by-case basis, the doctor's criticism is of course justified. Our state can't pay for everything!" The physician, however, has already made his decision and says "Enough is enough! He does not want to extend his contract, which runs until the end of May, together with a colleague, and finally stop his work in the asylum shelter.

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