Sunday, May 27, 2018

Guess who's smearing swastikas on the wall? Israel-hating Muslim man finds gracious, understanding judge -- Where? Of course in Germany !

"I am a believing Muslim, and I come from a country that suffered under the Nazis." Well, I would be interested to know what country he means!

Here is the newspaper article:

After a meeting with his lawyer, the defendant followed the court's recommendation and limited his appeal against the penalty order to the legal consequences. District judge Jasmin Steinhart warned the Muslim, who lives in Leonberg, that otherwise it could become much more expensive for him. In the end, she sentenced the man to a fine of 1200 euros for posting a picture with a swastika in his publicly accessible Facebook profile - or, as it says in official German: for using symbols from unconstitutional organisations. That he was sitting in the dock was due to quite a coincidence. Last September, the 43-year-old actually wanted to send his cousin a video on his cell phone showing Muslims calling them to prayer. But because he had changed his mobile phone number in the meantime, which the defendant did not know, the short sequence landed on a strange woman's mobile phone. After retrieving the message, she was apparently so startled that she turned to the police, who later also took a close look at the man's Facebook profile. The defendant explained: "I am a Muslim believer, and I come from a country that suffered under the Nazis. "There's no question that I don't glorify the swastika!" The prosecutor believed him that he had nothing to do with Nazi ideology. "But the fact that you published the picture in connection with critical contributions on Israel makes you think," he complained. The 43-year-old then explained that he was angry about the many dead Palestinian children during the Gaza conflict in 2014 and therefore posted the swastika. "It was a stupidity!" he said. "I'm a correct person and I've never been in debt before!" Judge Steinhart also came to the conclusion that the man was not a Nazi sympathizer and put in the room to reduce the sentence laid down in the penalty order. His lawyer Hasan Kayikc initially did not agree at all and spoke out in favour of discontinuing the proceedings against the payment of a fine.

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