Monday, May 14, 2018

Hamburg-Nettelnburg / Germany: North African men attack mother with baby

Hamburg police are searching for two previously unknown perpetrators who attacked and robbed a 30-year-old woman who pushed a pram on Saturday afternoon. The Permanent Criminal Investigation Service (LKA 26) took over the investigation.
The 30-year-old woman went for a walk on the Billgrabendeich/Randersweide hiking trail and pushed a children's cart in which her only a few months old daughter was sitting.
The perpetrators approached from behind. One of the perpetrators suddenly pulled the victim back by her hair, while the other perpetrator pulled a smartphone out of her back pocket and then opened the diaper bag hanging from the cart.
When the victim started screaming, the perpetrator let go of the diaper bag. She was then strongly pushed to the ground.
Lying on the ground, her wristwatch was also torn off her wrist.
The perpetrators then fled in the direction of the Wehrdeich.
An immediate search with several radio patrol cars did not lead to the seizure of the perpetrators.
These can be described as follows:
Perpetrator 1:
male - probably North African - ca. 180 cm tall - 20 - 25 
years old - strong stature - black, slightly longer, curly hair 
black T-Shirt - black trousers
Offender 2:
male - probably North African - ca. 165 cm tall - 20 - 25 
years old - strong stature - short, black-locked hair - 
black T-Shirt - black trousers
Witnesses who can give evidence of the unknown men or who have made suspicious observations in connection with the crime are requested to call the Hamburg police information telephone number 040/4286-56789.

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