Sunday, May 20, 2018

Hitzacker / Germany: 60 left-wing extremist thugs storm a policeman's private home

The police speak of "a new quality of violence": 60 people, most of them masked, attacked the property and private home of a policeman in Hitzacker on Friday evening. After a peaceful demonstration in Gorleben, around 60 people, most of them disguised, stormed the grounds and private home of a police officer in Hitzacker, Lower Saxony, on Friday evening. According to the police, they had previously tried loudly in front of the house to intimidate the family. The official himself was not at home. In the attack it should have come to property damage. The alarmed police were able to capture the initially fled attackers near the property at a railway crossing with a major deployment. "It came to blows and resistance actions," said the police. All were provisionally arrested to establish their personal details. According to police, they belong to the "regional and supra-local left-wing scene". Some were taken into custody, all others were given a ban on residence for the city of Hitzacker. Two of the men were still in custody on Saturday for alleged crimes. A woman arrested for resisting police officers was released on Saturday morning.

In its press release, the police stated a "targeted attack on police officers as private individuals" and "a new quality of violence against the police and their relatives". In consultation with the public prosecutor's office in Lüneburg, she initiated criminal proceedings for breach of the peace, violation of the law on assemblies, breach of the peace, threat, insult, theft and resistance against police officers.

According to the "Elbe-Jeetzel-Zeitung", the attackers are "to be assigned to the left spectrum". Several apparently belong to the environment of an autonomous conference house with inn in Meuchefitz. In mid-February, the police confiscated a Kurdish banner with an 80-strong special unit. The police officer, whose property was stormed on Friday evening, was therefore involved in the operation as part of his work in the State Security Division. His address is said to have been published on a left-autonomous website.

"This attack clearly shows how far the violence against police officers has progressed and that there are groups in this population that no longer have any qualms about taking personal action against police officers," said Alexander Zimbehl, state chairman of the DPolG police union. The publication of names and private addresses, combined with the call for violence on left-wing extremist websites, has increased significantly in recent months. Zimbehl again called for "a clear reaction of politicians".

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