Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kempen-St. Hubert / Germany: Dark-skinned man molests older women in cemetery

It is possible that several senior citizens have been sexually harassed by an unknown man at the cemetery in St. Hubert since the beginning of May. Now an 83-year-old woman from St. Hubert came forward and filed a complaint. The senior citizen was at the cemetery in the early evening hours of May when the man first spoke to her. The woman could only understand that the man would probably come from Sri Lanka. The man then left, but stayed close to the woman. As the senior continued to look after the grave, the unknown suddenly stood in front of her and touched her immorally. The 83-year-old escaped. According to the woman, the unknown man has dark skin, is about 25 years old and slim. He was wearing dark clothes and had a dark bike with him. It can be assumed that other older ladies were also molested by the unknown in the same or similar manner. The Criminal Investigation Department has started the investigation and asks witnesses or other victims to report to the responsible Criminal Police Department 1 in Dülken. The man's description applies to a suspect who stole a wallet from a taxi outside Kempen station on May 24, 2018. For more information, please use the number provided.

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