Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Magdeburg / Germany: Syrians create Islamophobic dog attack

After an alleged dog attack on a Syrian family in Magdeburg, the dog owner has now filed a complaint against a Syrian family man himself. This was reported by the police to the radio station MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT. It's assault. A group of refugees would have attacked the 23-year-old. Cut wounds had been discovered in his body. In a video, which is available to MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT, you can hear the dog owner screaming: "You attack me all the time, I'm calling the police now". In addition, the video shows that the Syrian attacked by the dogs is holding an object in his hand. What it is, however, is not exactly recognizable. The Syrian was with several acquaintances in the park. They wear a stick and a belt in their hand, as can be seen in the video. The dog owner withdraws visibly in the video and repeats that he will call the police. One of the men suddenly hits one of the dogs. The dog tears himself loose and runs towards the attacker and finally into a green area. The dog owner runs after the dog and calls him back. Then the man from Magdeburg pulls out his cell phone and repeats that he will now call the police. On Sunday evening, according to the police, a Syrian family had stayed in the Florapark garden in Magdeburg. A 29-year-old father with his partner and the five and eight-year-old children. They are said to have been acquainted with several people in the company. Suddenly the Syrians are said to have been insulted and insulted with xenophobic statements by a 23-year-old Magdeburg man who went for a walk there. On Monday the police had stated that the Magdeburg man had two so-called fighting dogs with him. Already on Tuesday, MDR SACHSEN-ANHALT reported that the dogs were hybrids that were not on any list of dangerous dogs. It's about a Staffordshire hybrid and a French bulldog hybrid.

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