Monday, May 07, 2018


The recent New York Times story about the presence of Green Berets in Yemen trying to take out Iran's Houthi missiles put their lives at risk.
That's not unusual for the media. But the media also has a very specific agenda in Yemen.
Its articles and stories amplify the Iranian talking point that the Saudi strikes against their proxies have caused a "humanitarian disaster". More accurately though, Obama's Arab Spring destabilized Yemen. The resulting violence, which involved the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, various tribal and political authorities, and the Houthis, the Yemeni version of Hezbollah, a Shiite terror force backed by Iran, spun out of control, led to a Houthi takeover of much of the country, missile strikes against Saudi Arabia and the USS Mason.
Why would the Houthis do that?
Their motto is "Death to America". If that sounds familiar, it's because the Houthis are an Iranian catspaw.
But all this is mostly absent from the usual media stories which concentrate on a familiar theme. Saudi intervention in Yemen caused a humanitarian disaster. The strikes against the Houthis have to be scaled down further giving Iran a win. 
Iran's backing for the Houthis and its role in this conflict is rarely mentioned. The outcome of leaving a Shiite ISIS in control of Yemen is never discussed.
Two recent media stories about the American role put US personnel at risk. And the media is okay with that. Anyone who repeats Iranian propaganda isn't too worried about the lives of American soldiers.

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