Thursday, May 03, 2018

Migrants in Sweden to receive sex education, as they have ‘completely different norms’

Annika Strandhäll, Sweden’s Minister of Social Affairs wants to inform newly arrived migrants on sexual issues. The government concludes immigrants have a strange view of sex and togetherness in comparison with Swedes, SVT Nyheter reports. 
With the goal to educate migrants, the Swedish government allocates 3.7 million Swedish Crowns (347,000 euros) to the country’s Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU). The budget will be spent among other things, on the production of films in different languages and themes.
Minister Strandhäll says it is “extremely urgent” to inform new arrivals about the sexual and reproductive rights that are relevant in Sweden. According to her, new arrivals ‘have a completely different view of sex’ than Swedes.
“We can find that some of the women in this group of new arrivals come from communities where there are completely different norms, laws and regulations,” Annika Strandhäll toldSVT Nyheter.
While Sweden’s government tries to cover it up, the country faces a serious rape crisis since importing hundreds of thousands of Third World migrants.
Statistics from last year revealed that migrants from Muslim-majority countries commit 84 per cent of ‘very violent’ rapes. At the start of this year research showed that rape reports have increased by 400% in Sweden’s capital since 1996.
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