Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Neckartenzlingen / Germany: An asylum seeker in custody after attempted sexual assault on 12-year-olds

The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart and the criminal police in Esslingen are investigating a 25-year-old man from Sri Lanka on urgent suspicion of attempted sexual abuse of a child in the town of Neckartenzlingen. He is accused of attempting to sexually abuse a 12-year-old jogger on the banks of the Neckar on Saturday evening. The suspect is now in custody. As already reported, the twelve-year-old was jogging on the banks of the Neckar at about 8.10 pm in the area of the sports field. There, on an access road, she met the suspect, who is said to have suddenly pushed the victim down an embankment towards the river Neckar. After a short wrangle the girl could free herself, climb up the embankment and call for help. There had been no sexual acts. The suspect denied any sexual motivation, which is why he had to be released due to the overall circumstances. However, investigations by the criminal police have in the meantime confirmed the suspicion of attempted sexual abuse. In particular, the reconstruction of the offence and the statements of the witnesses resulted in contradictions to the descriptions of the accused, so that the Nürtingen court issued an arrest warrant against the suspect at the request of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office. The investigators were able to arrest the accused this morning in his home for asylum seekers and present him to the magistrate at the District Court of Nürtingen, who executed the arrest warrant. The 25-year-old is already known to the police for assault and shoplifting.

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