Wednesday, May 30, 2018


The message is clear. And it's the same old double standard.
Controversial remarks to the left are praised. Controversial remarks to the right are punished.
There is nothing leftists can say when talking politics that will permanently wipe out their careers. And when they do say something, whether it's boycotting the Anthem or calling for Trump's murder, the media tells us it's free speech. 
But there's no free speech to the right. Only the left.
The only controversial speech the left believes in protecting is its own speech.
Had Roseanne launched an attack on a member of the Trump admin, she would have been a member of the #resistance in  good standing. But no one gets to say anything bad about George Soros and Valerie Jarrett. Not even controversial comedians.
Controversial comedians, like Michelle Wolff, are supposed to compare the president's daughter to an empty box of tampons. Not ridicule people on the left. 
There's a reason networks no longer service the working class audiences that Roseanne brought in. ABC didn't really want that audience. It didn't really want that show. It ended up with a hit on its hands and cut and run at the first sign of trouble.
It was never a matter of whether ABC would put its boot down on  Roseanne, but when. And the when happened.

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