Friday, May 11, 2018

Schwerte / Germany: Group of Syrians hit excursionists with squared lumber

Yesterday afternoon, 10 May 2018, around 2.50 pm, an emergency call was received with indications of a brawl in the area of a restaurant on Ruhr street in the town of Schwerte. According to the two victims, they were sitting there with a larger group of people as a large group of Syrian men passed by. For no apparent reason two of the Syrians would have walked towards them and struck them with a square timber. Two people were injured and another injured person was struck in the face with a flat hand. Four of the Syrians fled in the direction of the river Ruhr. As part of the search, several persons from the group of Syrians could be controlled. The four previous fugitives were not found. At about 3.45 pm the police were called to the Ruhr meadows into the area of a canoe club. Damaged persons and witnesses stated that they were about the same height as the canoe club when a group of four foreigners from a catering business approached the Ruhr street. As this group passed them, one of the group would have hit one of the injured on the head with an object. The injured person suffered a head laceration. Afterwards they would have been thrown out of the group of four with beer bottles. One jacket was damaged. The main culprit was described as follows: male, southern appearance, black and white camouflage jacket. Another person wore a Wellensteyn winter jacket. Whether there is a connection between the two facts cannot yet be ruled out. The police in Schwerte (Tel.: 02304/9213320) will receive information.

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