Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tuttlingen / Germany: Rejected asylum seeker beats up a politician

A rejected asylum seeker has beaten a Merkel party politician in the town of Tuttlingen in Baden-Wuerttemberg with a roof slat with nails and screws and injured him. Previously, 48-year-old Pakistani smashed a window in the district administration office, smashed a computer and smashed a female driver's car, the Bild newspaper reports. CDU politician and head of social affairs Bernd Mager could see from his office window how 48-year-old Said K. beat up the driver's car. But Mager's attempts to calm him down failed, Said K. injured him with the roof batten on his face. Nevertheless, the 55-year-old politician was able to overwhelm the man. The 48-year-old Pakistani has been living in a refugee home in the village since October 2015, and in February 2016 authorities rejected his application for asylum. According to Mager, he had repeatedly been convicted of crimes and had been in psychiatry several times. "He can't be deported because he doesn't have a passport. The Pakistani embassy says that he won't receive papers for at least a year," Mager told the newspaper Bild.

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