Friday, May 25, 2018

Under new law, most Swedish men could be sentenced to jail for rape

By Ed Straker

Sweden, suffering an epidemic of rapes and assaults caused by Muslims, has decided instead to focus on the politically correct needs of its feminist population, passing a new law that will effectively enable nearly all men to be tried for rape.
Under the new law, unless a woman explicitly consents to sex, the man can be tried for rape.
On Wednesday, the Swedish Parliament passed the law requiring explicit consent – verbal or physical – from participants before they engage in a sexual act.
How is consent explicit if it can be physical?
Does consent come in stages for each part of the sex act, and can the woman claim she changed her mind midway through stage 4, so to speak?
Beginning on July 1, when the new law comes into effect, a prosecutor will need simply show that explicit consent was never given.
Since consent is verbal or physical, how does a prosecutor show the absence of consent?  It's like trying to prove that something didn't happen.  Either this law is completely meaningless or it will enable prosecutors to cast a wide net to arrest men without evidence.
While some argue that the law will be problematic to enforce, others say the legislation is more about changing the culture.
That's exactly what this law is about.  There's a mindset that men are rapists and women are victims, even if they don't even know that they are victims.
"The expectation that there should be bruises and clear evidence of physical resistance is also something this legislation moves away from[.] ... So we think it's natural that only active participation should be interpreted as a yes.  Passivity cannot be read as consent."
Of course it can be read that way.  That's the way most sex occurs.  There are no men who constantly ask their wives or girlfriends for permission.  They know that if their wives or girlfriends don't want to do something, they will say something.
But the Swedish legislators believe that women are developmentally disabled invalids, incapable of saying no.  If you take that a step farther, if women are incapable of saying no, then how can they be capable of saying "yes"?  
Since one can never prove that a girlfriend or wife gave consent, conceivably, every Swedish man could be charged with rape by a vengeful wife or girlfriend.
Now we all have a new reason not to go to Sweden.  It's just a race to the bottom to see if Sweden will become a caliphate or a matriarchy.

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