Monday, May 14, 2018

Vienna: 35 suspects -- Asylum seekers posing with drugs and weapons

In the fight against organized drug trafficking at Vienna's Praterstern and Gürtel hot spots, the investigators have succeeded in beating a North African mafia. Investigators of the State Criminal Police Office, Branch Office West, uncovered the trade with 182 kilos of cannabis. For some time now, police have been focusing on the flourishing drug trade around the Prater and the Danube Canal. Arrests of small dealers are a daily occurrence. But now the Vienna State Office of Criminal Investigation managed a big blow against the people behind the scene in the federal capital. 182 kilos of cannabis were traded to the gang of Algerians and Moroccans. 92 kilos of narcotics were seized. The drugs for the Viennese market were supplied from Italy. How secure the criminals felt is also shown by the fact that they brazenly used guns on photos in the social media...So far 35 suspects with 78 identities (!) have been arrested. Most of them asylum seekers. "The suspects come from the Maghreb states and were hired specifically for the drug trade. This has nothing to do with asylum, it is more about organized crime," said head of investigation KK-West, Colonel Georg Rabensteiner on Monday at a press conference held jointly with police president Gerhard Pürstl and district inspector Martin Glöckler. They're still looking for an accomplice.

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