Sunday, May 20, 2018

Vienna: Turkish man stabs woman to death openly in the street

The Viennese police confirmed that a deadly knife attack took place on Sunday at 1 pm in Leebgasse street (corner of Buchengasse street) in the district of Favoriten. A 67-year-old Turkish man attacked his life companion (59) with a knife on the street, causing life-threatening injuries. The task forces were on site with several teams. As one witness reported, an attempt was made to reanimate the woman. Unfortunately, the resuscitation attempt was unsuccessful. As the police confirmed at 2 p.m., the woman died of the serious injuries, and as the eyewitness continues, both the alleged perpetrator and his victim are native Turks. Some men stormed out of the house at the same time as the couple and wanted to dissuade the man - without success. Other citizens also ran to the scene to help. The emergency services are still on site. "A male suspect was arrested and taken away," said Daniel Fürst of the LPD Vienna. "The murder weapon, a knife, was recovered. Investigations are underway," according to a police broadcast.

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