Friday, May 25, 2018


The left proved once again how it had sold out to the Jihad Lobby when in turned on Aung San Suu Kyi to support Rohingya Muslim migrants terrorizing the indigenous population in Myanmar. 
It's hard to look at any media foreign affairs section without seeing three Jihad Lobby lies
1. Yemen is experiencing a famine caused by Saudi bombing (of Iran-backed Shiite Jihadists)
2. Gaza is an open-air prison (administered by Hamas)
3. Rohingya Muslims are experiencing the next genocide (as perpetrators, if they had their way)
A Rohingya armed group brandishing guns and swords is responsible for at least one, and potentially a second, massacre of up to 99 Hindu women, men, and children as well as additional unlawful killings and abductions of Hindu villagers in August 2017, Amnesty International revealed today after carrying out a detailed investigation inside Myanmar’s Rakhine State.

Based on dozens of interviews conducted there and across the border in Bangladesh, as well as photographic evidence analyzed by forensic pathologists, the organization revealed how Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) fighters sowed fear among Hindus and other ethnic communities with these brutal attacks. 
The killings involved all the usual staples of Islamic supremacist genocide since the days of Mohammed.
Armed men dressed in black and local Rohingya villagers in plain clothes rounded up dozens of Hindu women, men and children. They robbed, bound, and blindfolded them before marching them to the outskirts of the village, where they separated the men from the women and young children. A few hours later, the ARSA fighters killed 53 of the Hindus, execution-style, starting with the men. 

Eight Hindu women and eight of their children were abducted and spared, after ARSA fighters forced the women to agree to “convert” to Islam.
Here's a key point.
At around 8am on 25 August 2017, ARSA attacked the Hindu community in the village of Ah Nauk Kha Maung Seik, in a cluster of villages known as Kha Maung Seik in northern Maungdaw Township. At the time of the attack, the Hindu villagers lived in close proximity to Rohingya villagers, who are predominantly Muslim. Rakhine villagers, who are predominantly Buddhist, also lived in the same area...
"[The men] held knives and long iron rods. They tied our hands behind our backs and blindfolded us. I asked what they were doing. One of them replied, ‘You and Rakhine are the same, you have a different religion, you can’t live here. He spoke the [Rohingya] language." 
The Rohingya Muslim migrants are at war with the Buddhists. So why kill and enslave Hindu villagers? Because they practice a different religion.
It's right there in his own words.
The Rohingya aren't defending themselves. No more than the Egyptian-Jordanian migrant terrorists known as the "Palestinians" are. They're supremacists who invade other countries in the name of Islam. And kill and enslave the indigenous populations because they practice a different religion.
And, since the days of Mohammed, if you practiced a different religion, you couldn't live near Islamic Sharia supremacist populations without submitting to Islam.
I recall seeing a photo  of Buddhist monks at a protest holding up a banner reading, "The world is not for Muslims alone" contrasted with an Islamic rally featuring signs, "Islam will rule the world".

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