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I usually don't do this. But I thought that this editorial from Germany's Tagesspiegel was worth translating at least in part. 
After the murder of Susanna Maria Feldman, a 14-year-old Jewish girl in Germany, Tagesspiegel takes its 'spiegel' and takes a hard look at the moral hazard of accommodating migrants.

The murder of Susanna F. - Poison for Society - Tagesspiegel
At the end of his remarks on the case, Müller, the head of the Police of Westhessen, finished a sentence with the word "but", which suggests that he knows that this case has a meaning that goes beyond the specific criminal case...
Mueller spoke about the murder of Susanna , 14 years old, allegedly raped and murdered by a man who continued to live in Germany after his asylum application was rejected. An act that, like a cruel and cynical commentary on refugee policy, becomes public in just these days, in which the treatment of migrants and asylum seekers is also top priority at the political level.
The chief of police speaks of a " repugnant crime, " and then says "but." "But" it was a 13-year-old refugee who had contributed significantly to solving the case. In an effort not to link the words murder and refugee, he has linked Solution and Refugee, as if it were the same thing. With that, he's just tapped into the generalization trap he was trying to warn against.
The country looks after the murders in Freiburg and Kandel , after Maria and Mia, now turns in horror to Wiesbaden, to Susanna...
The feeling of insecurity will continue to increase, and with it the resentment of the authorities, of politicians, of all whom they believe are allowing it to take place. The anger at those refugees who instead of being grateful for food, lodging and lodging turn criminal - especially when the victims come from the society that welcomed them.
Also, anger is evidently growing at those who do not want to recognize this pattern, who downplay crime statistics... or who think that refugees are better people per se. Conversely, all too often the debate is simplified - anyone who is afraid is called a Nazi or a racist.
Society is digging deeper and deeper into reservations to those who think differently. This makes it more difficult to talk about refugees at all. The discussion about a central social issue threatens to be buried and made unspeakable.
It is also particularly sad in all three cases that the girls themselves, the victims, did not have any of the many reservations about "the refugees". They were interested, curious, went to the strangers, tried to get to know them, befriended them. That’s how integration works. There are hundreds and thousands of examples in Germany. But now there also three dead girls."

The paper is referencing three murders by migrants. Susanna is the third such crime. Maria Ladenburger was a medical student murdered by a migrant.
Hussein K. is currently on trial over the rape and murder of a 19-year-old student. He told migration authorities he was 17 and that his father was killed in Afghanistan. But now his father, alive and well in Iran, has told the court his son is 33.
Hussein K. had told German immigration authorities that he had fled Afghanistan after his father was killed in battles with Taliban fighters. Due to the fact that he also said he was 17, he was treated by German authorities as an unaccompanied minor and given foster parents.
The defendant has already admitted to raping and strangling his victim until she lost consciousness late at night in a Freiburg park. A postmortem found that she drowned in the river Dreisam.
Hussein K. arrived in Germany in November 2015 without proper documentation. He had already been sent to jail for pushing a young woman from a cliff in Greece, but was released early. He then fled his parole to Germany and Greek authorities failed to issue an international arrest warrant for him.

And then there was Mia
Authorities said the girl, also 15 years old, was stabbed following an apparently chance meeting with the boy at a drugstore on Wednesday. She died of her injuries after being attacked with a kitchen knife with a 20-centimeter blade.
The girl was taken to hospital following the attack, where she died shortly afterward. About 15-20 people were present in the drugstore at the time of the stabbing.
According to the police, the alleged perpetrator is a refugee who came to Germany unaccompanied in the spring of 2016. Investigators said he had a relationship with the victim for several months.
After his registration in Frankfurt, he moved to the Germersheim district in Rhineland-Palatinate, where he lived in a juvenile care institution until September. He was then transferred to a supervised youth living group in Neustadt.

And this won't be the last such story. Not until open borders end.

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