Saturday, June 09, 2018

AfD MP (Germany) on the murder of yet another German girl by an illegal and REJECTED fake-refugee

From Oz-Rita’s Youtube page:
After the torture, gang rape and brutal murder of yet another young German girl, Susanna, 14 years young and Jewish, by Iraqi and Türkish “Merkel Refugees” the Co-Leader of the AfD (Alternative for Germany), Dr. Alice Weidel addresses her “J’Accuse” to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

It was Merkel’s disastrous abandon of German border control and the invitation she extended to (so far) 1.5 million illegal (mostly muslim) migrants that have brought these alleged killers and their families to Germany. When the AfD tried to hold a Minute of silence for the murdered girl in the German Parliament (Bundestag), they were shouted down by the Government parties, and the speaker, the Greens Claudia Roth interrupted the minute of silence and prevented its continuation. A subtitled video of that shameful incident will follow. Correction: @ Minute 2.50 Spelling mistake in the name of Gottfried “Curio” (not Kurio).
It is not yet known if the Jewish identity of the victim plays any part whatsoever in this murder. For all we know, a lying Iraqi, probably muslim raped and murdered a teenaged German girl for the same reasons so many others do. Because she is a teenaged European girl. But if he knew she was Jewish it may have played a role.
So far the claims he murdered her to cover up the fact of his rape. Which shows a certain ethos all on its own.

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