Thursday, June 07, 2018

After a brutal attack on a young woman in the city of Siegen: Police publish phantom picture of the wanted man

On the night to Sunday shortly after 3 a.m., a 17-year-old young woman was the victim of an extremely brutal robbery in Siegen in the area of Berliner Street, near the district court/public prosecutor's office.
The 17-year-old was attacked by the still unknown perpetrator with extraordinary aggressiveness and brutality and was seriously injured, so that she had to be admitted to hospital afterwards.
After the robbery, the suspect fled along Berliner Street in the direction of the railway station.
Investigators of the Siegen Criminal Investigation Office 1 in cooperation with the specialists of the Düsseldorf State Criminal Police Office have now created a phantom image of the fugitive suspect and publish it.
The man shown on the picture is also described as follows

about 25 years old
about 1.75 meters tall
normal stature
dark hair, 3-day stubble
dark dressed
dark hooded sweater
black, "slippery" sweatpants
upper part also dark, but slightly lighter than the black one 
pair of trousers
spoke broken German

With regard to the phantom image now published, the investigators ask:
"Who knows the man depicted?"
"Who can provide relevant information about the man's current whereabouts?"
"Who can help the police solve the brutal robbery with any other clues?"
Please call 0271-7099-7099.

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