Monday, June 18, 2018

Austria: Muslim migrant murders elderly couple to make an example of supporters of anti-migration party

“To the police he had stated as his motive that he wanted to make an example of supporters of the FPÖ, by which he felt discriminated against as a foreigner and Muslim.”
Appeasement and cowardice are so universal today that this will probably lead many people to say, “Why, then we must not support the FPÖ, and have to get behind unvetted, unrestricted Muslim migration, because otherwise we will anger them, and they will kill innocent people.” After all, that’s the reasoning that kept the U.S. Embassy out of Jerusalem for twenty years, isn’t it?
“Married couple: IS sympathizer in Linz in court,” translated from “Ehepaar ermordet: IS-Sympathisant in Linz vor Gericht,” Die Presse, June 18, 2018 (thanks to Antonia):
A 55-year-old is said to have killed an elderly couple last year in Linz. Now he is in court. The “Islamic State” is “the right path, the right policy,” says the Tunisian.
A 55-year-old Tunisian had to appear on Monday in the Regional Court of Linz, because in June 2017, he killed an elderly couple and then set fire to their house.
He was determined to have a paranoid personality disorder, but he was deemed sane and largely confessed at the beginning of the trial.
The well-dressed defendant appeared with four guards in balaclavas and bulletproof vests. The whole process – scheduled for three days – took place under increased safety regulations. Cell phones and laptops had to be handed over. The accused – he has no criminal record – had a torn sack of toilet paper rolls, a tattered box of handwritten notes, and a box saying, “It’s all lies and lies, they all know that (sic!) they’re lying, and because the judiciary is independent in our country” – with the “in” crossed out.
Defendant confessed
The Tunisian, who has been living in Austria for a long time, is married to his partner in accordance with Islamic law and helped out in their organic food business. He frankly admitted to the two murders he had committed, including pouring and igniting gasoline on the victims, and admitted also to Islamist postings. On the charges of the court regarding the homicides he said only, with no apparent emotion, “true.” To the police he had stated as his motive that he wanted to make an example of supporters of the FPÖ, by which he felt discriminated against as a foreigner and Muslim. He regularly delivered food from his partner’s business to the victims; he might have suspected a – non-existent – close relationship with the Blues. The prosecution charges him with murder, attempted arson, membership in a terrorist or criminal organization and – because of an incident in the prison – being a dangerous threat to society….
There had also been an incident in custody: the Tunisian went on a hunger strike from 11 to 26 August because he did not want to accept anything from the Republic of Austria. When he finished the strike, he was given halal beef liver cheeses, but was convinced that it was pork. Therefore, he is said to have insulted and threatened a jailer: “You and your family will think of me every night, you know why I’m here,” he is reported to have said….
At first, the defendant apologized briefly to relatives of the victims….”Allahu Akbar,” he said three times aloud, and an Arabic sentence, the entire statement was “Allah is greater and remains forever,” over and over.

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