Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Austria: Social-democratic politician shared Islamist terror videos on Facebook

Because he is said to have shared a video glorifying the IS on Facebook in 2013, a former Social Democratic substitute council in the town of Wels had to stand trial on Wednesday. He is accused of membership of a terrorist and criminal organisation. The software developer claims that he didn't even notice the content of the postings very well at the time. The public prosecutor's office accuses the man of having publicly shared a video on August 4, 2013, the title of which can be translated as "A Poem on Jihad". Among other things, it shows an IS rider, fighter of the terror organization, the name of IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and glorifies the martyr's death. According to prosecutor Günther Diplinger, the 43-year-old shared the video with the intention of spreading IS propaganda. Legally, membership of a terrorist organization and a criminal organization was thus fulfilled, he explained. He also suspects that the accused, who has Turkish roots, is an illegal dual national. He is the founder and chairman of a cultural association close to the Turkish pro-Islamic Saadet Party, and has campaigned for this in the Turkish election campaign. The accused also rejected the accusation of dual citizenship. He has "sympathy" for the Saadet Party, which he considers democratic and not Islamist. When he registered the cultural association of the same name in 2014, he decided on the name because it meant "bliss".

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