Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Case of the dead Susanna F.: Police search for 20-year-old Iraqi man from Wiesbaden refugee accommodation

In the case of the dead 14-year-old Susanna F. from Mainz, whose body was found in Wiesbaden on Wednesday, police are looking for a 20-year-old suspect from Iraq. The man lives as an asylum seeker in the refugee accommodation in the Kreuzberger Ring in Erbenheim, not far from where the body was found. According to this newspaper, the 20-year-old was the dead girl's friend until the end. He is said to have disappeared from the asylum seekers' quarters in Erbenheim days ago. The police are looking for him. The clue for the search on the site near Erbenheim had come from a 13-year-old boy. The Iraqi is said to have told him that he killed the girl.

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