Monday, June 18, 2018

Dresden Central Station: Afghans and Iraqis beat up a train driver

On Friday evening, 15 June, around 7 p.m., the train driver of the S-Bahn noticed heavy crowds at a wagon door after entering Dresden's main station. A vocal battle of words was also audible. The engineer hurried to the scene and noticed that a group of six people were pushing and pressing, forcibly making their way from the car to the platform. A 20-year-old now wanted to return to the train with the same brutal method, which was prevented by the train driver. Since the young man from Afghanistan did not comply with the train driver's verbal requests, the train driver pulled him out of the train. The 20-year-old hits the driver in the face. The 54-year-old injured person suffered minor injuries to the eye. A 17-year-old Iraqi from this group of people supported the 20-year-old and also hit the train driver, who fell as a result. Afterwards, both persons fled the main station in the direction of the city centre. Federal police were able to find the perpetrators at the Dresden-Nord tram stop. Both persons showed themselves physically and verbally aggressive against the officers and had to be tied up. During this and the subsequent criminal proceedings, the two young men insulted the officials with defamatory words. The other persons of the group were also found in the vicinity of the main station. A small amount of narcotics was also found and seized from a 20-year-old Afghan. Investigations have been initiated for personal injury, dangerous bodily injury, insult, trespassing, obtaining benefits and damage to property. To further clarify the events, the federal police are asking for witnesses' information. In particular, potential further injured parties standing directly in or at the S-Bahn are requested to report. The Federal Police Dresden will accept all information under the phone number 0351 / 81 50 20.

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