Wednesday, June 27, 2018

From the autobus to the front door: Harassed, persecuted and sexually molested by a dark-skinned man in downtown Bochum / Germany

He first approached her in the bus at Bochum's main station and harassed her on the way home up to Kortum street: a man with short, black hair, dark-skinned and about 18 to 20 years old, now wanted by the police. Dressed in a thick black jacket and a sports bag over his shoulder, the perpetrator sat next to the 38-year-old woman on the 8th of February (Thursday) in the almost empty bus of line 336 (direction Lütgendortmund) around 9.20 pm and sought physical contact. The woman from Bochum left the bus at the "Nordring" stop. The stranger followed her into the hallway of the apartment building near the bus stop. Here he continued to seek physical contact - despite the woman's energetic speech. The now frightened woman from Bochum managed to create some distance by shouting at and pushing away the perpetrator. She seized the opportunity, quickly got into the apartment and finally denounced the coercion. By court order, pictures of this man have now been released for publication in the media. The Bochum Commission for Sexual Offenses (KK 12) requests information on perpetrators and witnesses by calling 0234/909-4120 (-4441 outside office hours).

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