Thursday, June 28, 2018

German AfD leader: The idea to make an Islamic dictatorship EU-member is insane

Alice Weidel, the co-leader of the Alternative for Germany party, speaks out against the EU’s negotiations on Turkey’s potential EU-membership.
“Economy and free trade will be confused with politics and human rights,” Weidel says in a Facebook post.
She continues: “After the renewed confirmation of ‘Erdogan’s course’ in the last elections, the immediate end of the EU accession talks with Ankara is overdue. The idea of making an authoritarian Islamist dictatorship an EU member is absurd.”
Weidel says Austria’s criticism on membership talks with Turkey should therefore be supported:
“The consistent attitude of the Austrian Government on this issue therefore deserves full support. Germany and the EU must be honest in relation to Turkey. The so-called ‘refugee deal’ is of dubious use, but makes Brussels and Berlin blackmailable. This agreement must therefore be terminated,” she added.
Weidel’s AfD party received last week the highest level of support in a regular German poll ever.

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