Thursday, June 14, 2018

Germany: 27-year-old woman sexually harassed by Arab-looking man - escape possible through massive resistance

This afternoon, a 27-year-old woman appeared at the criminal police in Freiburg and reported that she had been sexually attacked by a man unknown to her the previous night.
According to the current state of knowledge, the woman left the city centre of Freiburg on foot through the Martins porta along Kaiser-Joseph-Street just before midnight yesterday, Wednesday. On her way she had the impression that she was obviously being persecuted by a person.
At the pedestrian lights near Schreiber street, an unknown male person caught up with her and sought contact with her. Despite the man's attempt to stop the woman verbally and also by holding onto her, she fled across the Dreisam bridge towards Johannes church, at the end of which she was caught up. There the man tries to violate her with unmistakable statements. With massive physical resistance, the 27-year-old managed to break free and escape.
The man is described as follows:
male, ca. 165 cm tall,
short, black hair,
spoke broken German,
its appearance is described as "Arabic",
at the time of the crime he was dressed in a green T-shirt and an 
black trousers.
The Freiburg criminal police have started their investigation.
Witnesses and possible whistleblowers are requested to contact the police on 0761 882 5777. It is also important for the investigators to know whether and, if so, where a man to whom the personal description applies was present before the crime or could have possibly attracted attention.

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