Friday, June 22, 2018

Germany: 91-year-old granny raped by refugee

According to police reports, the incident happened in Herborn in Central Hesse, Germany. Around 3:30 a.m. a man rang the doorbell of a 91-year-old woman's apartment. Under a false pretence, he lured the senior citizen out of her apartment. In the area of a shooting range he then attacked the elderly lady and raped her. After the attack, the attacker fled and disappeared in an unknown direction. The authorities immediately started the investigation and searched for the alleged perpetrator. With success! The officers were able to arrest a suspect less than 33 hours after the start of the investigation, who is said to be a 27-year-old refugee. The man is already known to the police for previous sexual offences. The drug-addicted man was arrested without resistance in his apartment. He has already confessed to the crime and is in an addiction clinic. However, the investigation is not yet complete. The police are still looking for witnesses who can give possible clues to the crime.

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