Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Germany: Afghan asylum seeker sexually abuses 12-year-old girl

The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart and the criminal police headquarters in the town of Esslingen are investigating a 21-year-old Afghan citizen on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of a 12-year-old girl. According to current investigations, he allegedly abused the girl in his room in an asylum seeker's accommodation in Esslingen on the night of the 18th May 2018. According to the results of the investigation to date, the asylum seeker lured the 12-year-old to his accommodation on the evening of 17 May 2018 together with her 16-year-old girlfriend. After there was no bus at late hour, the girls stayed overnight in the accused's room. He is accused of having exploited the situation during the night for intrusiveness and subsequently sexually abused the 12-year-old. When the other present woke up, he let go of the girl. The public prosecutor's office in Stuttgart obtained an arrest warrant against the suspect. On Friday, he was finally arrested by the police there. The suspect, who is known to the police for theft, was brought before the district court of Stuttgart on Friday at the request of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office, who ordered that the 21-year-old be remanded in custody.

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