Monday, June 04, 2018

Germany: African man sexually coerces 20-year-old woman

Sexual harassment is said to have occurred at Dortmund Central Station on Saturday morning (2 June). Federal police were able to arrest a 20-year-old suspect. Around 06:30 a.m. a 20-year-old man from Dortmund had sat down on the stairs of a staircase to the subway (area of the Königswall taxi rank) and fell asleep there. A 20-year-old woman from Essen assumed that the man was helpless, woke him up and offered her help. When the Eritrean citizen woke up, he is said to have grabbed the woman from Dortmund by her buttocks and breast and told her of his affection. Federal police took the drunk man to the station. There, a breath alcohol test showed a value of 1.7 per thousand. He had to stay at the station to sober up. The federal police instituted criminal proceedings against the 20-year-old for sexual harassment.

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