Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Germany: Apparently migrant injured and robbed blind woman

Yesterday afternoon (26 June 2018), an unknown person tore a gold chain off a blind woman's neck in Ringel street in the city of Frankfurt. Around 2.25 p.m. the recognizably blind woman was about to go home when she heard steps behind her in front of her house. She unlocked the door to the house and quickly tried to close the door behind her when a stranger pushed the door open from the outside. Shortly afterwards, she was attacked by the person who ripped a gold chain off her neck. Afterwards, the person fled in an unknown direction. The 54-year-old woman from Frankfurt was superficially injured in the neck and also suffered a shock. The police are now looking for a man who could be a suspected perpetrator due to a first report of witnesses and who has been described as follows: Male, southern appearance (of Asian descent) approx. 40 years old, approx. 1.65 - 1.70m tall, short, dark hair, full beard and dressed with a black T-shirt and black trousers. The Criminal Investigation Department asks other witnesses to call 069-75553111 with information.

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