Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Germany: Did a Moroccan truck driver kill Bamberg left-wing politician Sophia Lösche of the Social Democratic Party?


Dramatic development in the case of the missing hitchhiker Sophia (28) since last Thursday! The Spanish police arrested the truck driver who had hitched the student at a gas station in Schkeuditz (Saxony) on Tuesday. He is suspected of killing the woman!


Relatives used Facebook and Twitter, but also leaflets, to search for a blue truck with a Moroccan license plate. He is said to have taken Sophia Lösche, at least a piece, they were sure of that. Around 17.45 she had spoken to several men at a motorway service area near Leipzig, a good half an hour later she got into a truck with a previously unknown person. At least that's what the police are currently assuming. 

It appears the truck has now been found. "It was a private investigation by the missing person's brother," says police spokeswoman Maria-Katharina Geyer. 

 He was able to find the truck driver in Spain via the forwarding agency 

who, according to a Facebook post from Sophia's brother, claims to have dropped her off alive and safe on the A9 motorway. 

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