Monday, June 25, 2018

Germany: "Fuck the Police" - After harassing women - 26-year-old African asylum seeker attacks federal police and calls them racists

After a 26-year-old allegedly molested several women at Essen Central Station, federal police examined the man. Besides insults, the African attacked the forces. He was sent to police custody to sober him up. Around 01:00 this morning (25 th June) federal police examined a 26-year-old Guinean citizen. Several witnesses had reported that the man had previously molested several women. The 26-year-old, who was urinating at the main station, refused to follow the federal police to the station. When he was seized for this, he dropped himself to the ground several times. Thereupon he was carried to the office. His prints were supposed to be taken at the station. He also resisted this by trying to beat an officer with his fist. He also told the officials present: "Fuck the Police" and called them racists. He was later taken into police custody to sober him up. Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the asylum seeker for insulting and resisting enforcement officials.

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