Friday, June 01, 2018

Germany: Mass brawl of about 250 immigrants in Dortmund

Yesterday, 31 May 2018, there was a clash between a larger group of people in the area of Schleswiger square in the city of Dortmund. Two men were injured by stab wounds. At about 3.50 pm police officers were approached during the patrol in the area of Born street. Two men gave information about a fight nearby. In the area of Missunde street / Schleswiger square, the officers found a large group of people (about 250 people). The group was remarkably emotionalized and partly equipped with larger objects and fence slats. With strong support forces the crime scene was closed off and further aggressions were prevented. One of the men involved suffered a stab wound with heavy bleeding. The policemen provided first aid until the alarmed rescue workers arrived. According to the current state of knowledge, there is no danger to life. Two other people (16 and 21 years old) were injured by stabbing or striking with a metal rod. Ambulances took them both to a hospital. The police seized two knives and several iron bars. According to initial investigations, a dispute between two Romanian families triggered the conflict. Exact background information is currently under investigation.

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