Saturday, June 30, 2018

Germany: Muslim man stabs pregnant Christian woman

A 38-year-old man has been sentenced to twelve years in the town of Ansbach for a knife attack on his pregnant fiancée. On Friday, the Regional Court found the man guilty of attempted murder, dangerous assault and a particularly serious case of abortion. In May 2017, the man seriously injured his fiancée in in broad daylight in the town of Neuendettelsau with several stab wounds. The 32-year-old survived, her unborn child died. "The defendant wanted to kill her. She survived the assassination attempt only because she had many lifesavers," said the presiding judge. One of the life savers was an 85-year-old man who happened to be passing by. With his briefcase full of sheet music, he hit the 38-year-old on the head. Another passer-by yelled at the 38-year-old to throw the knife away. And the doctors later fought hard for the life of the woman - they had to resuscitate the pregnant woman several times. The fact that the 38-year-old wanted to kill the woman is proven by the large number of stitches. The man and his fiancée had come to Germany as refugees from Ethiopia. The woman was four months pregnant - but by another man. The crime is said to have been triggered by a dispute over the denomination. The Christian woman had demanded that the 38-year-old Muslim man convert to her religion. Jealousy also played a role.

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