Monday, June 04, 2018

Germany: Presumably Syrians brutally beat up guests at a birthday party

The Grünberg police are looking for witnesses after physical attacks near the village community centre in Reinhardshain on early Sunday morning. Three people, each 26 years old, were injured in the attack and had to be taken to a hospital in Giessen. The people involved apparently attended a private birthday party in the village community house in Brücken street. During this celebration, a verbal argument between several people is said to have taken place in the building around 01.30 a.m.. Four apparently involved persons left the celebration by bike and on foot shortly afterwards and were apparently persecuted by five other persons. Near the village community centre ("Hohlgraben" street), three of the four people were caught up by the quintet and obviously attacked. The three 26-year-olds are said to have been thrown to the ground. Lying on the ground, the victims are said to have been beaten and kicked even further by the perpetrators. After the attack, the five perpetrators ran away in an unknown direction. The three injured, who were apparently obviously alcoholized, were taken to hospital for further treatment. The police are looking for witnesses who have heard about the dispute. Initial evidence from witnesses suggests that the perpetrators have dark skin and possibly come from Syria. Investigations and interviews are still ongoing. Please call the police station in Grünberg at 06401 - 91430.

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