Thursday, June 14, 2018

Germany: "Southern" looking man tries to rape woman in pedestrian zone

On Wednesday, June 13, a woman from Brakel reported that she was attacked by an unknown male person in the area of the streets Am Marktplatz/ Hanekamp. According to previous information, the woman was near the market place around 4.40 pm when a man from the direction of Hanekamp street approached her. Suddenly this man grabbed the woman's hair and pulled it hard. Furthermore, the man reached under the woman's T-shirt with his hand. The woman managed to tear herself away from the man and she ran towards Rosen street. She was followed by the man to Rosen street. Then the man left. The woman was slightly injured by tearing her hair. The perpetrator is described as about 20 to 25 years old, 180 to 185 cm tall, slim figure and southern appearance. He spoke to the woman in a language she did not know. He had short, dark hairs, which were short and center-gelled on the sides and wore a three-day stubble. The man was dressed in dark trousers. As top he wore either a light grey sweatshirt or a closed sweat jacket. Tapes were attached to the collar area of this top. Furthermore, the perpetrator is said to have had a conspicuous, elongated, open wound in the left area of the lower lip. At the above mentioned time of day, several people were in the Hanekamp street/ Am Markt/ Rosen street area. For this reason, the police ask: Who has seen the case described above? Who can provide relevant information? Witnesses and whistleblowers are requested to contact the police in Höxter, tel. 05271 - 9620.

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