Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Germany: Taharrusch in Neumünster -- Group of dark-skinned men sexually harasses women

Early on Sunday morning (10 June), a 43-year-old employee of several stalls turned to the police and indicated that she had been molested by a group of young men as she walked from the event stage through the crowd to a stall around 1 am in the city of Neumünster. The young men (about six to eight people, slim, early 20s, dark hair, with a dark skin) danced to her and touched her. According to the complainant, a complaint about harassment was also filed by a group of women. Police officers called in were unable to investigate either the group of young men or any other victims. To date, there have been no further reports to the police. For further information, please call 9450.

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