Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Germany: Three black African men sexually coerce a woman and beat her husband

On Monday shortly before 6 pm, a 23-year-old was victim of sexual harassment at the Aldi parking lot in the  Breite street side in the city of Sinsheim.
The 23-year-old parked her black cabriolet in the mother-child car parks in front of the discounter. While her husband was fetching a shopping trolley, the woman took two plastic bags with empties out of the trunk. A previously unknown perpetrator used this moment to grab the woman's buttocks. Next to the perpetrator stood two other companions. The 23-year-old started screaming at the top of her voice. Her husband became aware of this and tried to keep the offender away from her. In a skirmish, the woman fell to the ground and sustained minor injuries. One of the companions interfered, went at the husband and pulled the 23-year-old by his hair. The groom then struck the husband in the upper body with his fist, whereupon he also fell and injured himself. Then the perpetrators fled in the direction of Fohlenweideweg street.
The escapees were described as follows:
Grabber: approx. 195 cm, slim, black African phenotype, very short, black curly hair, light T-shirt, flip-flops, striking red eyes
2. active companion: approx. 175 cm, muscular, black African phenotype, short, black curly hair, three-day stubble beard, black tank top, short pants flip-flops,
3rd companion: approx. 165-170 cm, black African phenotype, round face, white baseball cap with glittering stones in the forehead, light T-shirt
Witnesses to the incident and persons who can give information about the fugitives are asked to contact the criminal police on 0621 174 4444 and share their perceptions.

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