Monday, June 25, 2018

Lebanese man runs with an axe through Essen Central Station: "Allah will make sure that a bomb kills you".

On Saturday morning (23 of June), federal police arrested a 26-year-old Lebanese man with an axe at Essen Central Station. He resisted the police searching with kicks and blows. Around 04:30 a.m. an attentive citizen informed the Federal Police in Essen about the strange behaviour of a 26-year-old man from Bottrop. During the subsequent search at the police station at Essen Central Station, an axe and a stick with a knife (Photos above ) were found and seized. During his search, the man fought back with kicks and blows against the federal police. He also threatened them:" Allah will make sure that a bomb kills you". The federal police initiated criminal proceedings for threat and resistance against the Lebanese citizen, who claimed to have used drugs and was already known to the police for making false statements.

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