Friday, June 29, 2018

Police Force out Migrant University Squatters After Staff Infected with Scabies

Police in Paris forced over 60 migrants squatting in a university building to leave after staff became infected with scabies parasites.

Police removed the group of migrants from the University Paris-8 in Saint-Denis on Tuesday finding that much of the building had been covered with graffiti and some of the building had suffered heavy damage, France24 reports.

The police were met by a human chain of 70 or so far-left activists attempting to stop them from evacuating the migrants but were able to push through and used tear gas to gain access to the site. The migrants were then led from the site onto a bus which took them to a gym in Raincy.
Around 100 migrants have been squatting in the university since January 30th. Most of the squatters come from West Africa, according to reports, and were helped by far-left activists who turned the building into a dormitory for the migrants, assisted by the president of the university.
Fin de l'évacuation d'une soixantaine de migrants à Paris 8: "pas de violences excessives, pas de blessé, pas d'arrestation" d'après l'adjoint au maire de Saint-Denis Vincent Huet. @Le_Figaro @Figaro_Etudiant
The evacuation order came after staff at the university discovered they had been infected with the skin parasites along with the vandalisation of an administrative building several days prior which caused significant damage to the building.
⚠️ Situation à Paris 8 dramatique ⚠️
Deux étages vandalisés ce weekend du bâtiment G. Des personnels en larmes. Invitation à ne pas venir à l'Université "jusqu'à nouvel ordre".
C'est quoi le comble ? Ces petits cons qui provoquent vont se victimiser quand les CRS vont venir.
Ah si un dernier truc qui m'énerve : l'autogestion.

Quand tout un bâtiment est dévasté et qu'on OSE dire que c'est des groupes extérieurs qui foutent la merde, c'est de l'irresponsabilité ! Si vous autogerez, vous autogerez TOUT ! Bordel
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Previous reports revealed the presence of anti-white slogans at the university such as “fuck all white people”, “Death to the whites”, as well as other slogans like “Kill Cops” and “Self-directed Caliphate. Islamo-Situationist International.”
The raids are just the latest evacuation of far-left activists and migrants from squats. Earlier this year, the government clashed with far-left extremists and activists at the abandoned site of a proposed airport in Notre-Dame-des-Landes where activists had been squatting for years.
In response to the police action, members of the far-left extremist Antifa movement fighting the Turkish government in Northern Syria promised violent retaliation. The group said they would target infrastructure as well as individual police officers and intelligence officials.

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