Friday, June 29, 2018

Sad certainty: Corpse in Spain is German hitchhiker Sophia!

Sad certainty in the case of the missing Sophia L.: The body of a woman found in northern Spain has clearly been identified as the missing hitchhiker from Germany. The police headquarters in Upper Franconia and the public prosecutor's office in Bayreuth announced on Friday that the body of a woman discovered near a gas station had been identified with the help of a DNA profile compiled by the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office. It was said that a truck driver from Morocco was suspected of the crime and that information on the death circumstances of the 28-year-olds could not be provided at present. The public prosecutor's office in Bayreuth will try to extradite a 41-year-old Moroccan in the course of further investigations. The truck driver was caught on his way to Morocco. According to Spanish media reports, the investigators were traced by surveillance cameras and Sophia L. had hitchhiked from Leipzig to Nuremberg to continue her journey to her hometown Amberg. The young woman, who was occasionally the Bamberg Young Socialist chairwoman, was last seen at a gas station in Schkeuditz near Leipzig, where she boarded a truck with Moroccan registration. After that, they lost track. A week later a female corpse was found in northern Spain, once again triggering a discussion about foreigners and criminality in Germany. This is the third similar case to have shocked Germany within a few weeks. In May, 14-year-old Susanna from Wiesbaden was raped and brutally murdered. The suspect is Iraqi Ali B. In Barsinghausen, 16-year-old Anna Lena T. fell victim to a violent crime in mid-June. A 24-year-old is suspected of having both German and Dominican citizenship.

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