Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sun Tells May: Stand Up to ‘Plot to Destroy Brexit’, Walk Away With No Deal – Or Stand Aside for PM Who Will

Britain’s most popular daily newspaper has told Prime MinisterTheresa May she must stand up to the ‘global plot to destroy Brexit’, or stand aside for a leader who will.

The Sun, a conservative-leaning tabloid, complained that May’s “paralysed government” was being “openly mocked by belligerent and stupid EU bureaucrats with no intention of making progress or keeping relations cordial”, and demanded to know “who will stand up now for the 17.4million Leavers?”
The newspaper used its main editorial to warn against the “shadowy campaign financed by a hedge-fund billionaire [waging] all-out war on our decision” — a reference to the 87-year-old plutocrat and open borders campaigner George Soros.

‘Best for Britain’ they laughably call this. As if it’s ‘best for Britain’ to destroy all faith in our democracy and trigger civil unrest.”“When will the Prime Minister and her Cabinet stand up for [Britain’s 17.4 million Leave voters] — and for Brexit in full? Instead, the whiff of panic emanates from Downing Street,” the newspaper laments.
“The Government has no idea what deal it wants. The latest plan for the Irish border has been trashed overnight. No 10 regurgitates clichés to mask its confusion.
“In Brussels, [EU lead negotiator Michel] Barnier no longer even pretends: ‘We don’t want to negotiate,’ he admits. ‘We don’t want to compromise.'”The Sun concludes that it is “increasingly obvious no deal can be struck with the EU”, as Brexit-supporting business tycoon and entrepreneur Sir James Dyson pointed out some months ago, and that the country should stop prevaricating and prepare for a ‘No Deal’ scenario.
This would present some administrative difficulties but, like Sir James, the newspaper believes they could be overcome — and would have the added benefit of sparing the country a lengthy ‘transition’ period and multi-billion pound divorce bill.
“If this PM can’t bring her party with her and lead us fully out of the EU, with no deal if necessary, she must make way for someone who can,” it warns.

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