Thursday, June 07, 2018

Swimsuits and other offenses

The Miss America pageant announces it has dropped the swimsuit competition and will no longer judge on looks. Might as well just drop the competition altogether. While women may watch for the clothes, the jewelry, the makeup, the hair styles, men watch for the swimsuit competition.
Women also watch the swimsuit competition because they want to see what’s available for this summer at the beach. But men and women also want to see how good these gals look because humans are drawn to beauty. That’s what beauty pageants have always been about. And nothing is as beautiful as a gorgeous woman in a form-fitting swimsuit. Even other women admire female beauty. We’re made that way.
Once again rabid feminists take away something that appeals to most people, and one suspects that for most of them it’s because of resentment at their own physical plainness which resulted in nobody having any interest in them at 17, when love was meant for beauty queens. Rather than develop other sides of themselves, doing interesting things and becoming interesting as creative human beings -- a real form of beauty in itself -- they sink into self-pity and despair.
And pettiness. They don’t want anyone else enjoying, much less strutting, their fine, uh, assets. And not just petty, but spiteful. You don’t want to ogle me, you don’t get to ogle anybody. And not just spiteful, but downright hateful. We rid the West of the wolf whistle and we’ll make ogling against the law. Right now, we’ll take away your enjoyment; soon we’ll take your eyes. 

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